Coldjet CO2 MiniBlaster Alpheus SDI-5

Dry Ice Blasting Machine for Sale

Complete with hoses and nozzle


Alpheus SDI-5


Control Panel


Hour Meter


        Alpheus Side View


      Ice Chamber


Skidded Ready To Go

This machine was purchased by a large corporation for use in their maintenance department. It was use 3-4 time and then stored. It is in excellent condition and ready to be put to work.

(Only 9.3 Hours of use)


The versatile solution in dry ice blasting...

The Coldjet CO2 MiniBlaster Alpheus SDI-5 can be used with ANY type of dry ice: block, pellets or nuggets!

The  Coldjet CO2 MiniBlaster Alpheus SDI-5 is the most versatile of dry ice blasting machines in that it can be fed any form of dry ice. This allows the user to take advantage of local dry ice availability and pricing to maximize buying efficiency. Furthermore, it remains small, light, safe and versatile, staying true to the high standards of efficiency of all Cold Jet machines.


Coldjet CO2 MiniBlaster Alpheus SDI-5 Specifications


• Dimensions: 24.5" (62.2 cm) x 37" (94 cm) x 45" (114.3 cm) (W x L x H)

• Weight (empty): 430 lbs (195.5 kg)*

• Supply Pressure Range: 75 - 300 psig (5.2 - 20.7 bar)

• Blast Pressure Range: 40 - 250 psig (2.8 - 17.2 bar)**

• Hopper Capacity: 120 lbs (54.5 kg) of dry ice

• Ice Consumption: 1- 6 lbs/min (0.5 - 2.7 kg/min) with 3:1 turndown


This unit is in like new condition. (Only 9.3 Hours of use)

This Machine is skidded and ready to ship for approximately $5-600.00 anywhere in the US.

Currently located in US warehouse.

Asking Price: $9700.00 USD


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Matt at (519) 872-2673
London, Ontario, Canada 
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