ICEsonic – IS 77S – Dry Ice Blasting Machine SOLD
This unit is a NEW Floor Model, Single Hose Industrial Machine




ICEsonic – IS 77S – Dry Ice Blasting Machine
This unit is a NEW Floor Model, Single Hose Industrial Machine

The IS 77S has become a popular and effective solution for your specific needs. With a unique disk-style specially coated aluminium air lock, the IS 77S is both reliable and powerful. The aluminium air lock is powered by a VFD controlled 0.75kW electric motor, and also features PLC controller (Programmable Logic Controller) and 1″ filer regulator. Built with high quality European engineering, the IS 77S can take up any challenge you throw at it. The IS 77S is an efficient and cost effective solution for you.

Power Source               Electric
Hopper Size                  25 kg
Feed Rate                      25-80 kg/h
Dimensions                   640×850×700 mm
Weight                           87 kg
Voltage                          110V or 220V (single phase)
Max Blasting Pressure  (10 bar) 150 PSI
Air Flow Requirement   1.5-3.0 m3/min

ICEsonic IS 77S Includes
(1) 5-meter Blasting hose
(1)  Blasting Gun
(1) 1 1/2“ Blast  Nozzle
(1)  5-meter Additional Blast Hose (NEW) Included

NEW MSRP: $16,550.00 USD (including additional blast hose above)

Asking Price: $10,750.00 USD

$12,325.00 CDN  SOLD

Plus appropriate taxes: No Taxes on a US Sale

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Matt Bralovich
Business Manager


Thank you in advance for your interest in our products and services.

Matt Bralovich

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