Exceptional Dry Ice Blasting Package


ICETECH KG30 PRO Heavy Duty Dry Ice Blasting Machine (Only 20 Hours)


This package is fully equipped and in excellent condition. It was used for only several jobs in Fire  restoration and Mold remediation environment. Only 20 Hours use. This would be an ideal package anyone involved in similar industrial or commercial cleaning applications. Please see the attached links for technical specifications and videos.


In addition: COLDJET 250 After Cooler (Like NEW)

Provide confidence of dry and clean air when using a portable diesel compressor as an air supply.

Portable diesel compressors are a necessity to run your blasting operation, but they often supply hot and moist air, which can alter the integrity of your ice and hamper the performance of your blasting system. The Cold Jet AfterCooler will change all that by removing up to 80% of moisture from the ambient air. It will cool the compressed air, which can reach temperatures of 180° - 200° F ( 82.2° - 93.3° C), to within approximately 5° of the ambient temperature.

 The After Cooler enables the operator the ability to control the moisture in their blasting environment, allowing them to blast in virtually all temperatures and humidity levels, making their business more versatile and more efficient.

Water Separator: 40 micron element
Pneumatic lubricator oil reservoir: 8 oz (235 ml)
Maximum Pressure: 250 psi (17.2 bar)
Maximum Air Temperature: 350° F (176° C)
Size (L x W x H): 33.5" x 20.75" x 40" (85 cm x 53 cm x 102 cm)
Weight - 146 lbs / 66 kg

Unique Features
Includes a water separator and a 20 micron particulate filter
Heavy duty wheels for easy manoeuvring and portability
Designed for use with Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting systems and 185 diesel air compressor
Reduced ice consumption rates and reduced operating costs
Prevents ice condensation and bridging and damming.

What’s included in this package:

ICETECH KG30 PRO Dry Ice Blasting System (Only 20 Hours Use)

COLDJET 250 PSI AfterCooler (Virtually NEW)

One length of 33’ x 3/4" blast hose with Protective Wrap

◦Air Supply Hose 1" IceBlast PRO

One 10’ length of 300 PSI air hose for Aftercooler

Ice Gun PRO ľ” Intelligent Applicator

Complete IT3 nozzle kit as illustrated above

It is complete and ready to go. I have included pictures of all the equipment above.

This equipment is in excellent like NEW condition.

Asking Price:

$16,950.00 USD

$18,950.00 CAN SOLD

Plus appropriate taxes. Shipping is Available

Thank you in advance for your interest in our product and services.

The equipment is available on a first come, first served basis. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 226-678-2673.

Matt Bralovich



London, Ontario, Canada
ontact: Matt Bralovich
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