PolarTech Combi Pro Dry Ice Blasting System

With Secondary Media attachment

This equipment was purchased and only used several times. It is in excellent condition. It comes complete with all the accessories shown. In the last year Polar tech has changed the design of the unit to accommodate the CO2 tank into the machine. This is the unit produced prior to the current machine. The specs are similar.


PolarTechs patented technology is the new generation of Dry Ice Blasting machines. The PolarTech  machine is connected directly to liquid CO2 from a cylinder. The dry ice particles are produced in the blasting gun during operation. In addition you can connect to your in-house low pressure air supply (as low as 0,6 m3/min.) and still achieve effective cleaning results.


The powder unit (Secondary Media Tank) allows the blaster to inject a more abrasive media into the blasting stream to deal with more aggressive applications. Ice and media all in one machine.


The innovation lies in solving the problems with the existing DIB technology.


PolarTech COMBI PRO features:

•Simple to operate.

•Compact and Light weight means high mobility.

•Using liquid CO2 (PRO, COMBI) and low consumption means low operating costs.

•Connects to in-house air supply, even very low.

•High quality and reliable technology.

•Less wearing parts.

•Gentle or aggressive cleaning simply by pushing a button (COMBI).


Complete specs:


Complete with the following:

1  PolarTech COMBI control unit.

1  PolarTech blasting gun with LED light and remote control.

1  Powder unit (Secondary Media Tank)

1  Air Hose including claw coupling.

1  PolarTech blasting hose, 5 m air hose, 5 m CO2 hose, electric cable, protective sleeve.

1  Electric cord

1  CO2 supply hose 3 m.

1  Round Nozzle,5,3 mm.

1  Flat Nozzle, 20 mm

1  Supply Air Hose


Asking Price:

$5,950.00 USD

$7,900.00 CDN

Plus appropriate taxes.

Shipping is available. Currently located in London, ON Canada N6L 0A6

For more information or to purchase please call us at 226-678-2673.

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