Crystal Particle Blast Cleaning
What is it?

Dry Ice pellets, by means of controlled mechanical stress, are ground into a rough, sugar/crystal format. A specially developed and patented Grinder Mill, built into our LT-280 Double Action Blaster, performs that function continuously and evenly maximizing particle size and desired flow. This New Particle Flow is fed into the blast air stream by the classic 2-hose venturi delivery method.

When particles of a defined granular size are used for blasting (Dry Ice Crystals) each pellet is first ground into hundreds of particles, increasing the Dry Ice surface thousand fold. This change of format utilizes the Dry Ice blasting media more efficiently than any other method.


Blast Pressure 2-15 bar / 30-218 psi
Air Flow 0.8-12m3min / 30-420cfm
Dry Weight 56 kg / 123 pounds
Ice Delivery p/hour 15-75kg / 30-165lbs
Ice Hold Capacity 45 kg / 100 pounds
Dimensions H 102 x W 36 x D 53 cm

Small, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
Easily moved to your workspace, whether you’re working on a scaffold, articulating boom, or right next to your equipment.

Completely pneumatic, no electricity required.
Simple and easy to use controls.
Safety guards on all moving parts
Hinged Acrylic glass lid covers hopper opening.

Connect air supply, load ice, you’re ready to go.
Rugged, ergonomic blasting gun makes cleaning easy and comfortable.
Small and mobile.

Electro polished stainless steel frame and hopper.
Stainless steel gun assembly.
Solid aluminium nozzles.



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