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Phoenix PHX-150 Dry Ice Blasting Machine
Make: Phoenix Unlimited
Model: PHX-150
Year: 2013
Condition: Excellent
Feed Rate: 0.5 - 5.0 lbs per minute
Dry Ice Pellet Capacity (Hopper Size): 110 lbs
Blast Pressure Range: 50 - 125 psi
Dimensions: 18" x 20" x 47"
Weight: 140

Includes standard setup: gun (applicator),
nozzle and blast hose assembly
Additional nozzles, hose and accessories
(e.g., aftercooler) are available
Very mobile, versatile; ideal for most applications; compare specs to Aero 40 (good alternative)


Please contact us for questions and pricing.
Thank you

James Boomis
313 456-9410

Hydro Abrasive Products 
Warren, MI 48083

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