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The small and compact pelletizer is setting new standards for dry ice production.

With our PT 40 you are no longer depending on a three-party supply. You can produce when you need and how much you need.

The PT 40 can be connected to either larger tanks or cylinders with liquid CO2 (preorder choice).

The dimensions make it very mobile compared with larger stationary systems.

Fresh ice for blasting means better economy. No transport waste and fresh ice means less consumption.

The PT 40 comes with standard 3 mm die but you can also produce pellets 16 mm diameter. That means you can produce for chilling purposes as well.

It has been used for demo purposes only so it is in new condition.

Technical data:
Length: 1000 mm
Width: 360 mm
Height: 530 mm
Weight: 105 kg
Production rate: app. 40 kg/hr.
Power consumption: 1,1 kW
Voltage: 400 V AC—50 Hz (other voltage on request).
Max. current: 6,5 Amps
Liquid CO2 inlet pressure: 15 -20 bar
Required start-up amps should be calculated as 5 to 6 times Amps usage.
Max ambient temperature: 40C
LCO2 to dry ice conversion 2,5:1 when producing 3 mm pellets (depending on pressure and temperature).


Jesper Holmgaard CEO
Phone: +45 6966 3060
mobile: +45 28720760
Mukkerten 21 - DK 6715 Esbjerg N

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