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Cold Jet PCS 60

48.7 hrs

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Available for immediate sale and delivery from Montreal, Canada.

Cold Jet Aero2 PCS 60 dry ice blasting machine with the « total car restoration package ». 

Purchased new from Cold Jet Canada in August 2021. 

Perfect condition with only 48.7 hours of use. 

Fully updated and inspected by Cold Jet on September 12th, 2023.


The Cold Jet PCS 60 is the only available machine that has the capability to choose dry ice particle size from 3mm to 0.3mm and every size in between. The user has complete control and can fine-tune the most effective setting for each unique application.

It’s therefore the « Cadillac » of machines on the market for car restoration or Mould maintenance.


Sold package includes:

1         Coldjet Aero2 PCS 60 Dry Ice Blasting Machine

1              Performance applicator, 1in, Aero2 series

1         Air Supply Hose, 1in X 25Ft

1         Precision Kit

           (LED Applicator w/ 12’x1/2” Blast Hose, MC88 Fan Nozzle & MC31 Tube Nozzle)

1         Nozzle 323S1, Aluminium

1         Nozzle 312S1, Aluminium

1         Comfort Handle, 1in

1         Blast Hose, 1in X 20Ft, Electric, Hybrid

1         Power Cord, removable, 15Ft

4         Hose Carrier, Handle Grip

4         Hose Wrap, Velcro

1         90 deg Nozzle 317A90H1, Stainless Steel (Add’l $2289.55 value)

1         Air preparation, filter/Separator



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